So much more than just a plant in a pot!

This exclusive Living Gift is presented in a bespoke, signature Martin & Cox gift box, upon opening; let it take you upon a beautiful botanical journey as you unwrap the best of what Mother Nature Provides. Presented in stunning tissue wrap and finished with one of our UNIQUE frosted gift tags (With personalisation at no extra cost!)
This Stingray plant in a unique, clean glazed porcelain pot with gold linear detail.  Packaged with love by Martin & Cox and delivered to your door… or your recipients’ door as a Beautiful Botanical Living Gift from you.

Plant Height approx 45cm, Pot 14cm x 14cm.

*Don't forget to select one of our unique, frosted tags with a sincere, fun or positive quote to brighten your day. But wait, there's more. Buying for a gift? No problem! Fill in the little box above and we will add your personalised message straight onto the tag.

*Plants sizes/leaf counts will vary 

Stingray Plant in a M&C bespoke pot created by Whitelight Ceramics

  • Alocasia Macrorrhiza


    Position in a bright, well lit area of the home which will provide partial shade - avoid strong direct sunlight, this will scorch leaves.  A north facing window ledge will work!

    Keep the soil moist but not saturated at all times (as this will encourage root rot).  Do not let the soil dry out completely.

    Platnt requires HIGH humidity - replicate by grouping plants together, misiting or placing a tray of pebbles and water underneath the plant.

    Feed once every 2-3 weeks during Spring-Autumn


    *Please note this is just an advisory and own plant care research is recommended.  You may lose a leaf in the stress of transportation but new leaves will soon grow back due to it's fast growing nature.


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