...THAT WILL BE MY LIFE"  Elsie De Wolfe

My name is Jemma and I am the founder and floral-fingered wonder of Martin & Cox Floral Events here in Geddington, Northamptonshire.  I qualified as a Florist in 2010 and made the conscious decision to focus solely on beautiful weddings and exciting events as they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.   Most people think I live and breathe flowers and I’m such a flower nerd; but honestly I’m not! Don’t be alarmed, stay with me and please don’t click off.  


The truth is I have the HUGEST crush on anything that I consider to be beautiful.  I recognise the importance of perfectly styled weddings, events or even corporate displays and the overwhelming emotion they can provoke.  


I’m a little hooked on this.

I’m hooked on getting it just right and making my clients so happy they burst in to tears.  I’m hooked on setting up venues and hearing the staff whispering about how gorgeous it all looks.  I LOVE that I get to work with all the prettiness Mother Nature provides me with and bundle it all together to make other people happy.  That’s a pretty special job, right? 


Whether you are looking for a Wedding Florist to set your dream wedding alight or a reliable creative to nail that corporate design, I have it covered! 


Why not get in touch and let's book in that free consultation so we can talk all about your plans and ideas.  You can expect a very relaxed, fun but professional service with a whole heap of honesty thrown in.


About Jemma...